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Employment Listings--CRNA


  • CRNA-120K+. All procedures including regionals and general. Beautiful area. Good package.

  • CRNA-130-150K. Comprehensive fringe benefit package. All types of cases except hearts. Mon-Fri. No nights, holidays, weekends.

  • CRNA-150K+. Excellent Benefits and Group! Great job on the beautiful coastal location. All types of cases!

  • CRNA-125-K+ complete benefit package. Must be able to do all types of Regionals and take call independently.

  • CRNA-Compensation package 140K+. All types of Anesthesia. OB included. Call 1:4-5. Will consider strong new grads.

  • CRNA- 140-150K. Expanding department. Will consider new grads. Base for up to 48 hr/wk although usually 40 hours.

  • CRNA- 120+K. Complete fringe benefit package. No Regionals. No hearts, just a little neuro. Call is in-house from 3P-7A with the next day off. Have 7 MDAs and 14 CRNAs.

  • CRNA-70-100K.Trauma center level 1 is adding 3 more CRNAs to staff and these positions are primarily on the FIRST shift so there are very limited nights and weekends. It is generalist situation where the CRNA will do most all things and share call. Because there are 3 jobs, the duties are flexible, but like in any major trauma center you can have 23.9 hours of boredom and 1 minute sheer terror. They will take a new grad, no problem.

  • CRNA-130k+for new grad. Expanding group. Great location and opportunity.

  • CRNA-180-200K. Independent Solo position. Small rural hosptial. 24/7 responsibility. All bread and butter cases including OB.

  • CRNA-120-160K plus complete fringe benefit package. All types of Regional. Have 3 MDAs and 6 CRNAs. No major cases but some OB.)

  • CRNA--120-160K Small community hospital in somewhat rural, central ME. One MDA and 3 CRNAs. Call is 1/3 of time. Practice totally independently.

  • CRNA-140-180K plus call and overtime. Comprehensive fringe benefit package. Can do all Regionals except Epidurals. No hearts, OB or Trauma. Outstanding Location! Close to Washington DC and 30 miles to Baltimore!

  • CRNA-Anesthesia Group in central MA covering two mid-size hospitals.

  • CRNA-70-75K. Plus call and OT will bring salary to the 80's. All types of Regionals. Have 6 MDAs and 4 CRNAs. Complete fringe benefit package including a 20% pension.

  • CRNA-150K. 20K Sign on Bonus! Will take new grads. All types of cases and the opportunity to do Regionals.

  • CRNA-140-200K plus complete fringe benefit package. All types of cases except Hearts and major Neuro. Do your own regionals and generally function very independently. Just Mon-Fri with no nights, holidays, weekends or call. (DL)

  • CRNA-Rural area. CRNAs function independently. All procedures. Call is shared. Complete fringe benefit package and competitive salary.

  • CRNA-150-180K. Excellent position. Excellent Sign On and Relo! 90 minutes to Memphis! Caseload consists of Trauma, OB, Ortho...NO neuro or heart currently. The CRNA also responds to codes in the ER and In-house. The CRNA will do their own Regionals, Spinals, and Epidurals...Very Mid-level friendly staff.

  • CRNA-120-180K. Benefits include health ins., 4 weeks vacation, 1 week CME +$1000, dental ins., mal practice ins., personal time off, 6 holidays, plus more.

  • CRNA-Small community hospital close to mid size city and very rural areas. One MDA and 3 CRNAs. Call is 1/4 of the time/ Full fringe benefit package. Work totally independently.

  • CRNA-135K+. General procedures. CRNA's do their own regionals, epidurals, bier blocks, etc. No hearts. Approximately 28 OB cases per month; 25% are C-sections. Call 1:3.

  • CRNA-Salary in the 140-180's, good benefits. Mon-Fri. Just bread and butter type cases. CRNAs do all types of Regionals.

  • CRNA-Fairly small hospital on the Coast. Three MDAs and 9 CRNAs. Call about once per week. Flexible scheduling. Base salary around 100K and with Call and Overtime will be in the 120 - 140K range, plus full benefits.

  • CRNA-90-100K+ DOE. Will do bread and butter cases, OB, etc. NO hearts or neuro. 8 CRNAs 3 MDAs. 5 OR suites. 450-500 cases per month. Call every 6th night and every 6th weekend.

  • CRNA-Small/mid-size community hospital in central Pennsylvania. Just Mon thru Fri. Salary in low to mid 80's plus great benefits including 12% pension.

  • CRNA-Salary is in the 70's plus complete fringe benefit package. Rural area. Have 4 CRNAs. Mostly bread and butter type cases. CRNAs do Regionals and take call independently.

  • CRNA-Salary is in the 70's+call and OT=90K. Most cases except Open Heart and Neuro. Have 2 MDAs and 7 CRNAs. Call is from home about 1 out of 7 days and weekends. Over 7 weeks off per year.

  • CRNA-Salary is in the low 70's+ call (1/7) brings salary to around 80K. Full benefits including 2 pension plans. CRNAs do their own Regionals.

  • CRNA-130K+ Mostly bread and butter cases. Lots of Ortho. Approximately 45 minutes from Charlotte. Sign on and relo! Very little call if any!

  • CRNA-. Must have hearts and ortho experience. No neuro. Up to $2000 for Continuing Education. Comprehensive package.Sign On and Relocation.

  • CRNA-All procedures. 2 CRNAs and 1 Anesthesiologist on staff. Should have some experience. May work solo or take call.

  • CRNA-140K+ K Excellent benefits. CRNAs do their own Regionals and take call independently.

  • CRNA-Full fringe benefits package. CRNAs function independently, and can perform their own Regionals. No hearts, major Neuro, major Peds. CRNAs usually are not involved with OB.

Please call for positions in other areas.

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