Salary $50,000-$65,000

Social Worker (MSW) for Home Visits 


The Supportive Care Social Worker is responsible for the delivery of skilled assessment and intervention for identified patients (families with a child with a potentially life-threatening illness).

*Provides and coordinates psychosocial support to enrolled families and offers assistance with psychosocial, financial, spiritual stressors that impact child/family’s quality of life.

*Collaborates with all members of the interdisciplinary care team and documents all care activities.

Essential Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

Level I

Provides interdisciplinary education and training as needed through agency-sponsored programs.

Performs a thorough psychosocial assessment from a family-centered care perspective. Provides anticipatory guidance and support for coping with the disease process from a family-centered perspective.

Performs comprehensive and ongoing assessment of child and family coping, quality of life indicators, and family system integrity.

Collaborates with family and interdisciplinary team to identify options, goals and priorities for care, advanced care planning.

Participates in regular Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) meetings.


Level I

LMSW or LCSW coupled with a minimum of 3 years pediatric and/or palliative care experience.

Must have ability to travel.

Demonstrates strong communication (both written and verbal), interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills.

Basic computer skills are necessary, including but not limited to the ability to navigate on a personal computer within a Windows-based operating environment; the ability to access and create basic e-mail messages; and the ability to open, edit, and save basic electronic documents if necessary.

With training provided, must demonstrate the ability to learn and utilize new systems, computer applications and operating environments as necessary.

Level II

Requires same qualifications as Level I, plus:

Minimum of 5 years pediatric and/or palliative care experience.

Demonstrated leadership skills

Demonstrated sustained high performance in role as evidenced by 2 or more consecutive performance reviews exceeding expectations.

Education Preferred:

Masters or better in Masters Social Work. MSW

Licenses and Certifications Preferred:

Certified Social Worker

Clinical Social Worker