Locating Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

Helping patients with their every day lives and providing health care are part of the responsibilities of certified nurses. Certified nursing assistants (CNA’s) for example, help their patients bath, dress and move from one location to another. They work together with other healthcare providers under the direction of a registered nurse. CNA’s work in hospitals, hospices, nursing facilities and other health care facilities.

Where to Begin

1. The career center where you received your degree is a good place to begin. Vocational schools that provide certification classes and degree programs assist their graduates with job placement. They are very good resources for business contacts and job listings of nearby employers. You may also discuss your career goals with the nursing counselor. They are a good source of insight into the job outlook.

Nurses are familiar with the different hospital departments and how they work. They will be the first to know of available certified nursing assistant jobs. They also have friends who work in different departments and can put you in touch with those departments that have job openings.

2. Industry publications such as “Nurseweek” have directories, advertisements and articles that will help with your search. Article topics include: how to advance in nursing and current trends in nursing jobs.

3. There are some certified nursing jobs that are not advertised publicly. Try visiting nearby hospitals and nursing facilities. Ask to speak with the director. If they don’t have a position available at that time, they can keep your file for times they may need to hire additional personnel.

4. Speak with family and friends about your job search. They may be familiar with an elderly person needing professional care. Though they may not work in the nursing industry, they still may have job leads from their sphere of influence.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nursing jobs are in high demand and will continue to be a vital role in patient care. CNA’s are able to continue their education at a four-year college while working. Work experience combined with a nursing degree improves the long-term employment prospects of those in the healthcare industry.