Meet Your Medical Recruiter

A government report recently released states in 2005, “temporary or contract job positions accounted for 20% of the current job market.” Today, the same experts believe these types of positions will account for nearly 40% of the available jobs by 2011.

This is simply a reality of the times we are facing.

Whether you are an occupational therapist, therapist assistant, traveling nurse, or physical therapist there are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you. The real challenge is finding the right jobs that fit your own career goals. This is why having a knowledgeable and motivated medical recruiter working for you to find those right jobs is essential.

Here are 3 questions to ask when considering a medical recruiter:

Does the medical recruiter work for a credible agency?

With accessibility to the internet nearly ubiquitous with our daily life there are a host of start-up companies launching to meet job placement demands. At first glance this should be a good thing, right? Not necessarily. This is why it’s important to research staffing agencies. A simple way to do this is to conduct your own background checks: Who is the agency filling jobs for? Ask for the agency’s list of provider references. Are they listed with the local Better Business Bureau? What is this agency’s reputation in this industry? Finding the right medical staffing agency, with a credible respected name, in today’s fast and expanding job market will go a long way with your own peace of mind and get you placed fast.

Does the medical recruiter know what my job’s demands are?

As an extra set of eyes looking for you, it is vital to know the medical recruiter understands the demands of your job field, the qualifications needed to fill a specific position, has a working knowledge of how you are qualified, and if you have any special licenses or training that make you a better fit for a specific job opening. The benefit of going to a medical staffing agency versus a general employment agency is having the advantage of an agency with working knowledge of the demands it takes to fill a specific medical position. Having a well-informed medical staffing recruiter working for you can only ensure your placement in a specific job is the best fit for you and your career.

Does the medical recruiter have an interest in seeing me employed?

This might seem like a “no brainer,” but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. A medical recruiter that cares about your placement is a huge item. With so many staffing agencies popping-up, the emphasis can quickly become about the numbers and filling job positions. However, when your medical recruiter actually talks with you, discusses your qualifications, career plans, and ideal work environments it shows the agency places an emphasis on your success with each new position. A great staffing agency values having an interest in it’s placed employees. When the agency treats you like a real person versus just another contract or faceless name on a job sheet, you know you have found the right medical staffing agency for you.