No Cure For Murder Written By Lawrence W Gold, MD

Marvelous story that combines mystery in Brier Hospital, its patients, doctors, nurses, and other workers. There is murder in Brier Hospital, but who is doing the killing? How safe are patients in their room, some in a difficult medical state of health where they are not able to think straight, and some in a very delicate state near the end of their life? Dr. Jacob Weizman and his wife, Lola, were Holocaust survivors well up in years; Jacob was eighty-eight years of age and Lola eighty-five. Jacob was so very highly thought of in the medical world of Brier and beyond for many reasons. He told it like it was but always had compassion for his patients. That, along with his expertise towards almost any health problem, made him so very valuable and trustworthy in the medical field. Lola was also still active in her practice as a psychotherapist despite her age. She and Jacob would be lost without their professions and each other.

There is usually a person on most any hospital staff who has their problems with others in that hospital and that was the case with Jacob with a few thinking he was too darn old to practice medicine, but these same people had to admit he was the best and wisest in the hospital despite his age. When a friend of Jacobs called him and told him of a young doctor, Zoe Spelling, who was looking for an office in which to practice, Jacob asked that she come and see him. Jacob did hire Dr. Zoe Spelling. He knew he was getting old and could use someone to help him. Dr. Spelling was a bright young woman who seemed very capable and Jacob, despite his complaints about some things she did or didn’t do, thought she was a good fit as his partner.

A few patients died when they should not have and every one of these deaths was deeply investigated and autopsied. At first it was thought they might have died of natural causes but some were not convinced of that. Another employee was stealing drugs and selling them. He worked at Brier as a regular so he could work freely around the hospital as well as sneak into the locked drug supply room. Eventually the police were brought into the investigation, first with an undercover cop with nursing experience. Shelly fit in well but found nothing for sure as far as a killer.

Jacob and Lola was such a happy couple. Jacob worked such long hours but he knew his beloved Lola was there for him at home regardless. Lola and Jacob would discuss each other’s patient problems some times and they really complimented each other in that way. They hated to see so many of their friends passing away, especially after going through the Holocaust, losing so many family and friends during that. The police action intensified as the killings continued with all on the hospital staff being suspects.

I look forward to any future books by Dr. Gold. He writes in a common persons language, which a person in the medical field doesn’t always do. You will love this book and you may suspect certain people but in the end you will probably be surprised. Enjoy it and thanks Dr. Gold.