The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (2024)

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (1)

With Burns Night fast approaching on Sunday I thought I’d trawl through the Larder Love archives and see what Scottish recipes I had lurking there.

I was surprised at how many were in there and thought it would be a fun idea to share them all here in one post to save you having to search them all out one at a time.

Here are over thirty of my own Scottish recipes with everything from jams to savouries, desserts to soups – something for everyone and a great wee taste of Scotland.

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (2)

Soups and nibbles

Cullen Skink (don’t you just love that name!) is a classic Scottish fish soup with just a few simple ingredients and fabulous flavour. No self-respecting seaside pub would be without this on the menu up north.

co*ck-a-leekie soup, just shared this one the other day and it is such a traditional one, all Scottish grannies would have made this on a regular basis.

Musselburgh Tarts, these tasty morsels are filled with mussels and leeks in a rich creamy sauce, perfect for parties.

Filo Flowers With Mushroom and Whisky Mousse, one of my Wee Taste Of Scotland party recipes and a great little light bite.

Scottish Salad Spoons are my take on the old Russian salad but using the staples of the Scottish veggie patch, turnips, potatoes and carrots with a light and flavourful mayonnaise.

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (3)

Scallops With Crowdie And Bacon, I love seafood and Scotland has more than her fair share of fabulous crustaceans etc. These scallops are quick and easy to prepare and taste great.

Smoked Salmon With Tattie Scones, Scotland and salmon go together like the proverbial peas and carrots, this is a super easy recipe and great for brunch, breakfast and parties depending on portions and how you serve it.

Clapshot is what one traditionally serves along with haggis, especially on Burns Night.

Burns Baubles, now what would Burns Night be without haggis? Here is a fun way of serving this traditional Scottish dish.

Porridge Pancakes, almost a marriage between the great American pancake and the traditional Scottish porridge, the perfect way to start your day!

Seared Salmon with Whisky Dip, perfect for parties, you can also make this in larger portions using full salmon steaks as a main course.

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (4)


Crulla and Whisky Dipping Sauce, Crulla is a type of doughnut very like the Spanish churro. Served here with a rich chocolate dipping sauce laced with whisky.

Lavender Shortbread, the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland, shortbread and lavender, a lovely combination.

Gingernut Biscuits, a real classic that are just crying out for a cup of tea to be dunked into…..

Black Bun is Scotland’s traditional New Year cake, a robust fruit cake in a pastry casing.

Honey Buns, the perfect cupcake for Pooh Bear, sweet and such a treat.

Gingerbread Husbands, yes that is what gingerbread men were originally called here in Scotland.

Cheesy Shortbread Bites, a savoury take on the traditional shortbread and great with a tipple.

Melting Moments, a favourite biscuit/cookie that is the perfect partner for a cuppa at any time of day.

Spiced Apple Scones, so many scone recipes, this is one of my favourites.

Rosemary Oatcakes, easy to make and perfect for serving with cheese and a glass of wine of an evening.

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Preserves and drinks

Rosehip Vinegar, flavoured vinegars are a great addition to your pantry and this is so tasty and healthy too.

Rhubarb and Ginger Curd, sweet and just a little tart, perfect for toast, scones or dipping your biccies into…

Rosehip Jelly, an old fashioned classic, still great today.

Whisky And Ginger Marmalade, marmalade and whisky are two of Scotlands great exports, bring them together in this great sweet treat.

Rowan Jelly, another classic from Scotland’s end of summer bounty.

Rhubard and Raisin Relish, sweet and savoury and perfect with sausages and the like.

Scotch Hedgerow Jelly, packed with all the goodness of Autumnal fruits and berries.

Pink Pickled Turnips, may sound a bit off but are a tasty little treat if you like your puckering pickles.

Rowan And Redcurrant Jelly is the perfect addition to a roast dinner and is wonderful stirred into stews and casseroles too.

Scotch Weyhay! my homemade whisky based liqueur.

So there you have it folks, my Scottish recipe round-up. Many of these feature in my two Scottish cookbooks and A Wee Taste Of Scotland which are available as both hardbacks and Kindle/iBooks etc worldwide.

Enjoy your Burns Night wherever you are.

Karon x

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night - Larder Love (2024)
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