Career Options in Nursing

Today, nursing jobs are in great demand. Because there is such a demand for nurses, trained nurses can choose from a variety of career areas and in a variety of locations. In an economy that is still in a fragile state, nursing is a medical field that is booming. If you are interested in a career in nursing, below is a list of medical areas where you can get a nursing job.

Medical Clinics: Working in a physician’s clinic is a popular area. There are a number of benefits to working in a doctor’s office such as increased relationships with staff and patients, less bureaucracy, consistent work hours, and good pay. Although criteria can vary, most doctors will want a nurse that has a nursing degree plus training.

Schools: Most schools and colleges will have a nurse on staff. This area is a popular choice for people who enjoy working with young people. If working at a college, a nurse may be eligible for a discount on tuition. It is also a popular choice for nurses who are interested in working part-time. As well, the work schedule offers regular work hours. In a school setting, a nurse will be required to be licensed and be a graduate of an accredited nursing program. The salary is also very good.

Home Care: Visiting patients in their homes in another nursing area. A professional will often be assigned to patients or one patient and make home visits throughout the week. Nurses in home health care enjoy the personal aspects of this career as they develop relationships with their patients. As well, the hours are more flexible and you cat arrange your own work schedule, including part-time work. LPNs and Nursing Assistants will often work in home-based healthcare.

Hospitals: there are a variety of nursing jobs in the hospital. For instance, there are LPNs, Registered Nurses, and Nurses that specialize in such areas as emergency care, surgical, pediatrics, cardiopulmonary care, administration, and more. There are a variety of choices and the pay is very good. A nurse in a hospital will often work various shifts that include evening and night shifts.

Travel Nurse: They work short term assignments that require travel. A nursing job is normally arranged by a travel nurse agency. They are matched with the staffing needs of various physician offices, hospitals, clinics, or any facility that needs nursing services. Assignments for a travel nurse normally last between eight and twelve weeks. As a travel nurse, you will benefit from developing a professional profile and finding nursing jobs and locations that meet your personal and professional preferences. The salary is quite lucrative.

A career as a nurse offers the chance to help others who are in need. It will not only provide you with a lucrative salary but there are other employment benefits. Whether the economy is good or bad, there is always a need for these professionals. As a nurse, you have a variety of career options making a career in nursing a rewarding choice.