What Are the Five Most Earning Health Care Jobs?

Handing out prescriptions, fixing bloody messes and broken bones is where the money is. The more years of schooling in the medical field translate into better and higher paying jobs in the medical world. Long hours of seeing patients and saving lives. But how much is the labor worth? The paychecks are dispersed on similar levels but some more than others. With millions of medical professions, it is hard to determine who gets the bigger paycheck. The top five most earning health care jobs in America right now are specialized medical fields.

The most earnings in a health care career would be in private practices. The professional medical doctors get paid around $306,000 annually. With over eight years of schooling under their belt, they tend to find many divisions of vocation. Professional practice like a surgeon, psychiatrist and even clerical work in a hospital qualify under professional practices. There are endless positions to be filled at all locations.

Radiology is another high earning health care profession. A radiologist earns about $386,755 to $600,000 annually. Their job description involves radiation therapy, medical imagery, and ultrasonography. They tend to patients needing X-rays and cat scans. They get paid big bucks to analyze the photographs and determine prognosis. Due to this work being so technical the demand is high.

The next most earning job in health care would be working in a hospital. Registered nurses are on that list of high paying jobs as well. They make about $180,00 a year depending on the number of years in practice. Hospitals pay the most and since there are more positions needed in a hospital that is where the work is. Hours are always earned. Nurses are the largest group of health care workers. Although some hospitals run under a union, for the most part, they are not unionized.

Pharmaceutical sales representative occupations involve the manufacturing side of medicine. They make about $40,000 to $55,000 a year. Pharmaceutical reps deal with the makers and buyers of a product. They specialize in sales representatives, tending to clients and soliciting accounts, but their patients come first.

Rehabilitation medical careers are in high demand. They deal with the broken and disabled patients with orthopedic, fractures, injuries and neurological problems. Their annual income is around $55,000. Physical therapist and counselors follow a patient through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery and improvement of a patient. It is a mobile journey through way of strategic planning for every patient requiring plenty of time spent together. Their place of work is either in hospitals, clinics or private offices. That grows into an intimate relationship between patient and physician.

The large income healthcare careers make the work appealing. Their paychecks are well deserving with the labor and skill they offer the public and private patients. Money aside, health care professional comes with skill and heart to care for others!